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About RMC

CNC Machinists Since 1981

The story of RMC is a true “American dream.” Master machinist Chung Nguyen arrived in America in 1975 and soon began work as a machinist for FMC Technologies. After six years of long hours and hard work, Chung realized his dream and founded RMC. After 30 years and countless changes in the industry, Chung and his family still provide the same level of personal service that RMC is renowned for.

Located in Houston, Texas, RMC has been served the oil, energy, and pump industries with quality machined metal products and related services since 1981. RMC maintains a solid relationship with FMC to this day, as evidenced by winning their Supplier of the Year Award – a strong testament of our ability to keep delivering for our customers.

RMC has grown each year thanks to our loyal customers, and our 30 employees are happy to help you with your CNC machining needs.

Traditional and Modern

RMC offers customers a unique blend of traditional service and modern technology that is hard to find in today’s industry. You deal with a friendly, family-run company while still benefiting from the latest CNC advances. You’ll even find this unique balance in the equipment RMC uses: many jobs are completed using the company’s Lucas horizontal boring mills (HBMs), which use the strength and stability of classic American steel, but updated with modern computerized controls and contouring capabilities. RMC also offers high-tech Kuraki HBMs, giving you an array of choices. With RMC, you get the best of both worlds.

Security and Privacy

At RMC our clients are our partners. When you entrust your work to us, we closely guard your intellectual property and actively ensure your privacy. We can guarantee a level of confidentiality that is simply unavailable when outsourcing overseas.

Excellent Safety Record

At RMC, we are committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We are very proud of our safety record, and have recently enhanced our safety processes by hiring an independent consultant. Besides the obvious benefits of a happy and healthy workforce, our excellent safety record helps us avoid costly delays, allowing us to deliver products to our customers on time and on budget.

RMC maintains an open door policy for your complete quality inspection and vendor audit requirements. We are so confident in our ability to maintain a safe workplace that we welcome surprise safety audits.

The RMC Mission

Our goal at RMC is to deliver high quality products to our customers that meet or exceed the desired specifications using RMC’s precision machining skills. We not only produce accurately machined products, we strive to deliver high quality products to our customers on the desired delivery date.

JobBOSS® Software for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our advanced JobBOSS® software program efficiently tracks the progress of your project through the RMC shop, keeping it on budget and on time. JobBOSS does this by allowing RMC to:

  • Control all aspects of the production process
  • Balance workflow
  • Keep engineering, accounting, machine scheduling, purchasing, inspection and shipping fully informed at all times.
  • Keep production costs under control
  • Prove you with a "real time" view of the status of your jobs


Best of all, JobBOSS® helps RMC maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.